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Privacy Statement

Information held

Equinox Maintenance LTD is committed to protecting your privacy and only holds the minimum amount of information in order to complete our service/order to you. This information may be supplied to a 3rd party ONLY for the purpose of helping complete this service/order, for example, to have parts shipped direct to your address. We DO NOT sell, rent or trade your personal details with any third party. If your personal information changes, or you find any inaccuracies in the data we have collected, or wish any further information then please email

Information Security

The information is held in accordance to our internal security policy and will only be disclosed when required by law or to aid the delivery of our service to you.


Equinox DOES NOT stores cookies on your hard disk. This website uses Session ID cookies which terminate as soon as the browser is closed.


Equinox is only responsible for the privacy practices for this site. If you are transferred to a third party website we suggest you read there privacy policy before continuing.

Secure Payments

When your orders are processed, before you enter any credit card details, you are transferred to a secure payment site. Any credit card details are stored and processed on this secure site. Equinox DO NOT store any credit card details other than an Authorisation Code returned from a successful payment.

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